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What does it consist of?

Scintigraphy is a nuclear medicine technique that consists of injecting small doses of radioactive material (tracer) to measure the functioning of different organs and systems.   The tracer, which releases gamma rays, travels through the blood and is absorbed by the organs.


Subsequently, a camera with gamma radiation detectors makes it possible to obtain images of the highlighted areas.


This test examines the entire skeleton, so it can provide useful and detailed information for the diagnosis of unexplained bone pain, bone fractures, arthritis, bone or joint infections, and cancers that cause bone metastases, among other bone pathologies.
Preparation for the test


Scans usually take about 3 hours. When you arrive, they will administer a contrast and until it takes effect, you cannot perform the test, which lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. While waiting for the reabsorption of the contrast, the patient can wait in one of our rooms or go for a walk around the center.


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