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The Anesthesiology Unit of Creu Blanca is one of the key elements of our surgical block: we have a great team of specialists and the latest technologies to ensure the success and safety of our patients undergoing any surgical procedure. Our anesthesiologists offer comprehensive care to patients, accompanying them throughout the perioperative process, from the preoperative assessment and development of surgery to postoperative resuscitation after surgery.


Anesthesiology at CreuBlanca

Our Anesthesiology Unit’s main objective is the comfort and safety of the patient, so our efforts are aimed at caring for the patient before, during and after surgery to ensure their safety and pain control. In order to achieve this, we offer the following services:

  • Preoperative consultation: Evaluation of clinical history and health status, developing an anesthetic plan prior to the surgical procedure.
  • Intraoperative care: The anesthesiologist is in charge of performing the anesthetic technique that best suits each patient, surgery or procedure, maintaining the balance between surgical aggression, pain relief and the patient’s vital signs through monitoring, as well as the awakening from anesthesia.
  • Post-surgical care: In the day hospital and major ambulatory surgery (MOS) ward, patients are admitted after surgery for control of their vital functions and acute postoperative pain through analgesics, peripheral nerve blocks, catheter placement/control, etc.
  • Chronic pain management: Anesthesiologists specialized in pain perform a comprehensive approach to chronic pain in the Pain Unit.
  • Performance of sedation techniques: For diagnostic or therapeutic tests in endoscopy (digestive, respiratory, urological, etc.), imaging techniques, cardiology and other procedures that require it.
Main techniques and technologies
At CreuBlanca we invest in and implement the most advanced and innovative technologies in order to offer an optimal care service and personalized treatment.

General anesthesia

Regional anesthesia

Local anesthesia

Peripheral nerve block

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