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Specialized units

At CreuBlanca we have a wide range of specialized units to cover all your health needs.

Foot and Ankle Pathology Unit

The Foot and Ankle Pathology Unit is formed by a multidisciplinary and highly specialized team aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies related to these areas of the body.

Prostate Pathology Unit – ISPRO

The CreuBlanca – ISPRO Prostate Pathology Unit specializes and is dedicated exclusively to the early diagnosis and personalized treatment of prostate pathology and male sexual health.

Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Pathology Unit

The Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Unit brings together professionals highly specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hand and upper extremity disorders.

Spine Pathology Unit

CreuBlanca’s Spine Pathology Unit has a highly specialized interdisciplinary medical team and state-of-the-art technology for the accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment of multiple spine pathologies.

Sports Pathology Unit

The CreuBlanca Sports Pathology Unit prevents, diagnoses and treats the impact of sports practice on the human organism, from federated or professional sports to school and amateur levels.