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Who we are


Since 1950, taking care of your health


CreuBlanca originated in 1950 when Dr Gaspar Alomar, a descendant of a long line of doctors, and Conchita Serrallach, a doctor’s daughter and graduate in chemistry, decided that they could help improve people’s health together. This decision was the first seed of a lifetime dedicated to expanding and consolidating the CreuBlanca Group.


What emerged then as a home emergency and medical assistance service, now has two hospitals, five centres and more than 450 professionals who provide their expertise on a daily basis in more than one million medical acts a year.


The continued investment in cutting-edge technology and our team of highly qualified and specialised professionals enables us to offer each patient a comprehensive, personalised and quality assessment in the shortest time possible.

Diagnostic imaging specialists

Technology is one of the main assets of our healthcare group. The CreuBlanca Radiodiagnosis Unit has the latest technological innovations and a multidisciplinary team of professionals to offer a quality diagnosis in the shortest possible time.


We have 16 state-of-the-art magnetic resonance equipment (7 of 3 teslas), 4 scanners, ultrasound, X-ray machines, 6 CT scans, 1 PET-CT, 1 gamma camera and 1 Spect-CT. All this allows us to cover a wide range of diagnostic tests in order to offer our patients the best diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.


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Medical acts that have improved the lives of our patients

Dr Gaspar Alomar and his wife Conchita Serrallach found the CreuBlanca home emergency and medical assistance service, with the help of a team of recently graduated doctors.
Home emergencies continue to be provided and, in view of the need for diagnostic tests, CreuBlanca Pelayo is opened
Thanks to radiodiagnostics, the check-up concept is founded, a term referring to medical check-ups aimed at preventing and controlling pathologies. X-rays contribute to a quick diagnosis of diseases and injuries.
Because a doctor’s mission is not to cure, but to prevent the disease, CreuBlanca opens a laboratory to conduct its own tests, providing early diagnoses with the aim of promoting preventive medicine.
With the opening of CreuBlanca Diagnosis Médica, which specialises in radiodiagnostics, the first CT and MRI scanners are introduced.
As part of the CreuBlanca healthcare brand and located in Sant Joan Despí, the MRM centre is provided with a total of four pieces of MRI equipment.
Several operating theatres are built in CreuBlanca Gràcia, meeting all needs of outpatient surgery. CreuBlanca Tarradellas is created as a centre dedicated to the well-being and health of women.
The foundation participates and collaborates in projects fostering healthy lifestyles, by supporting health education and training and allocating part of the funds to scientific research, development and innovation (R&D&i) within the framework of diagnostic imaging.
After two years transforming the well-known small palace of an illustrious public notary in Barcelona into a multidisciplinary hospital, Clínica CreuBlanca is provided with beds for hospitalising its patients, a surgery department and a multitude of medical specialities in a same centre.
Thanks to the expansion and consolidation of CreuBlanca, the first CreuBlanca Gràcia clinical laboratory is renamed Teletest, a laboratory that will be dedicated to analytical studies and research.
The first open MRI equipment is installed in the Region of Aragon, as well as the most powerful scanner on the market with the opening of Centro Diagnóstico Paracelso Sagasta, a diagnostics centre located in Zaragoza and specialising in diagnostic imaging.
The MRM centre, founded in 1990 in Sant Joan Despí and specialising in magnetic resonance imaging, is moved to the distinguished Clínica CreuBlanca.
The healthcare brand Paracelso Sagasta expands with the acquisition of Policlínica Paracelso Sagasta, which specialises in medical check-ups, consultations and surgery.
The capacity of the surgical and hospitalisation areas of Clínica CreuBlanca is increased twofold and the Day Hospital is opened.
By being able to carry out PET-CT tests and obtain images through nuclear medicine, we improve the diagnosis and control of oncological pathologies.
With the aim of bringing together all the group’s healthcare brands and continuing to broaden and increase the private healthcare offering, CreuBlanca, Teletest and Paracelso Sagasta are consolidated into the CreuBlanca Group brand.
After completing the expansion project, Clínica CreuBlanca boasts an extra 3,000 m2, state-of-the-art equipment and smart operating rooms.


Contribute with your talent to our team of administrative and healthcare professionals

At CreuBlanca we are constantly searching for qualified professionals who will help us build a top quality team and offer patients a comprehensive service.