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Miguel Ángel Barranco Sanz
Member no.: 25398
Activity carried out: Urology and andrology consultations, urological check-ups. Specialist in prostate cancer diagnosis.
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Dr. Miguel Ángel Barranco Sanz is a leading specialist in urology and andrology, with extensive experience in performing urological consultations and check-ups. As Head of the Urology Unit at CreuBlanca, Dr. Barranco leads medical care in this specialty with dedication and excellence.

With almost 25 years of experience in the field of urology, Dr. Barranco has witnessed the most significant technological advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of urogenital diseases, especially in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

His professionalism and close and human approach distinguish him as a physician, providing quality medical care and establishing a bond of trust with his patients.

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