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Frequently asked questions prostate cancer

Miguel Ángel Barranco Sanz
Urology and andrology consultations, urological check-ups. Specialist in prostate cancer diagnosis.
19 Jun 2023
1 Min
The expert's voice
  • Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed tumor in men. It represents approximately 15% of all diagnosed tumors.


Is prostate cancer hereditary? Does it only affect men over 50? At what age should I start having urological check-ups? Can it be prevented through a healthy lifestyle?

Many men find it difficult to take the first step to visit the urologist, either due to ignorance, fear or shame to talk about their intimate health. Therefore, in order to dismantle some myths about prostate cancer and stop being a taboo subject, Dr. Barranco, a specialist at the CreuBlanca Urology Unit, answers questions and frequently asked questions about prostate cancer. You missed out? You can watch it again here!

Prevention is the best way to take care of our health. Early stage prostate cancer is usually asymptomatic. So it is important to carry out periodic check-ups to detect it early and thus increase the chances of cure and survival. At the CreuBlanca Urology Unit we understand that each person is unique, therefore, the treatment we offer is also unique. We have the most advanced technologies and a team of urologists highly specialized in the early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of prostate pathologies, from urination disorders to prostate cancer.