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Our differential service

At CreuBlanca we recommend adults to undergo an eye check every two years. A complete eye check in school-age children can help detect pathologies early and treat them to avoid school failure, which is closely linked to poor vision in the young ones.


Do you notice that your eyes dry up? Do you suffer from blurred vision? Our ophthalmologists have the most advanced technology to evaluate your eyeball, musculature, lacrimal system and eyelids. If required, they also have fully equipped operating theatres for carrying out eye surgery. Let our team of specialists perform a complete exploration of your vision.


What diseases do we treat in ophthalmology?

By means of a physical examination and an interview in which you can explain your symptoms, the ophthalmologist will conduct all the required tests and set the best treatment for you. These are some of the most common pathologies that affect the eye and vision and that we treat at CreuBlanca

  • Nearsightedness.
  • Farsightedness.
  • Astigmatism.
  • Presbyopia (tired sight).
  • Cataracts.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • Learning problems.
Main diagnostic methods and technologies

At CreuBlanca we invest in and implement the most advanced and innovative technologies in order to offer an optimal healthcare service based on prevention, early diagnosis and personalized treatment.

General ophthalmological assessment


Slit lamp scan

Ophthalmoscopic exam

Computerized campimetry or visual field



Medical professionals

The specialists who will assist you at CreuBlanca

A professional team to care you


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