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Nuclear Medicine

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Description of the test

Nuclear Mediicina studies ( scintigraphy ) are methods for Diagnostic Imatge that use radioactive isotopes. Prescribed for detecting both morphological alterations and specific functional of different organs and systems.

Depending on the type of radiotracers used, allow the scan to visualize the structure and function of different organs and systems.

Explorations that we make

  • Studies of the Central Nervous System

  • Studies of Cardiology

  • Studies of bones

  • Digestive studies

  • Studies of the endocrine system

  • Studies of inflammation, infection, tumor

  • Studies of the lymphatic system

  • Studies of lung

  • Urological Research

  • Local treatment of synovitis ride on radiosynoviorthesis


A scan radiotracer is administered intravenously, which will is different according to the medical indication, and after a variable time. After the test the patient can return to normal activity. The minimal radioactivity that is used disappears from the body in a few hours via urine or deposition.


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