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What does it consist of?

The radiologist technician will provide you with a gown and will ask you to remove your clothing and metal objects from the body area where you are going to have the scan. The radiologist will then position you on the X-ray equipment table. Next, the radiologist will locate the lacrimal foramen and insert a flexible tube or fine blunt needle into the lacrimal cavity to administer the liquid contrast medium. In this case, an iodine contrast is used that runs through the lacrimal duct and makes it possible to visualize the entire path of the lacrimal duct, making it possible to determine if there are obstructions or if the duct is permeable.


Who is it for?

The performance of a dacryocystography is mainly indicated in the case of:

  • People who have excessive tearing or a watery eye sensation over a long period of time.
  • Patients with recurrent conjunctivitis and painful inflammation of the inner corner of the eye, among other symptoms.

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