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Robotic Fusion Prostate Biopsy Robot Artemis

What does it consist of?

Fusion prostate biopsy consists of extracting small samples of suspicious tissue by automatic fusion in real time of the images obtained by magnetic resonance and ultrasound. This is done through the use of the Artemis Robot, the only robotic system in Spain that, through software and a robotic arm, manages to reach the precise focus of the cancerous tissue, creating a 360º map of the prostate that helps to identify the area to be treated. biopsy by recording an image of three-dimensional coordinates.


The Artemis Robot guides the robotic arm with millimeter precision autonomously and under the supervision of the urologist and the uro-radiologist towards the lesion to be biopsied. Unlike conventional biopsy, it can reach very hidden areas of the prostate, providing a highly precise and definitive diagnosis in a single intervention.

Cases in which it is recommended

Who is it for?

The urologist may recommend an Artemis Robot fusion robotic prostate biopsy mainly when the MRI indicates the presence of a suspicious prostate cancer nodule. This may also be recommended when prostate antigen (PSA) tests show persistently elevated levels, or when lumps or other abnormalities are found in the prostate during digital rectal examination.

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