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This checkup is essentially intended for any adult who wishes to find out his/her state of health and check for any possible illness. It is recommended that we all have a checkup done at least once every two years.


  • Full medical examination

  • Sight and hearing test

  • Complete blood and urine analysis including: C.E.A. (carcinoembryonic antigen), CA-19.9, PSA for men and CA-125 (tumor marker of ovarian cancer) for women, examination of proteins, as well as hepatitis B, C and thyroid glands. A food sensitivity test will also be included.

  • Full heart examination.

  • Fibroscan and Steatoscan

  • Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT) Full Body scan, from head to ankle. Full Neurological CAT Scan Abdominal and Chest CAT Scan Vascular CAT Screening MDCT Heart Scan Virtual Colonoscopy (optional)

  • Abdominal Ultrasound Scan

  • Brain MRI

  • Urological check up / Gynecological check up

  • Hearth ultrasound

  • Food sensitive test


  • At the scheduled time of your visit, you will need to come (without having eaten beforehand) to the center where your checkup is to be carried out.
  • Before starting the series of tests, you will visit with the doctor in charge of your checkup. Said doctor will be responsible for writing up your medical history as well as offering you guidance as to which tests are advisable in your case and which specialists you should visit. This doctor will also be in charge of writing up the final report as well as making the appropriate medical recommendations.
  • Once the visit has been concluded, those tests requiring fasting will be conducted.
  • After breakfast, we will continue with the rest of the tests and, if necessary, you will visit with the specialists.

Delivery of Results

Once all of the tests have been completed, the doctor in charge of the medical examination will make a first assessment of the results. Two days later, you will be scheduled for another visit so that we can make the delivery of the final report as well as the appropriate medical recommendations. Should you be diagnosed with an illness and need further tests done for confirmation purposes, special rates will be applied following prior confirmation.

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