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CT Coronariography

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Coronariography CT- Non invasive Coronariography


Test description

Coronary angiography is a test that allows the specialist to assess the condition of the coronary arteries: clogging, narrowing, injury severity number of affected arteries bypass evaluate previously mad ??, to evaluate the functioning of heart valves and in the heart muscle. It is also used to evaluate the coronary circulation and overall heart function. Thus, the cardiologist may define the treatment that will follow his patient : medication, surgery ...

The teams that have allowed so far the best visualization of the coronary arteries, multidetector CT 64 and 320 crowns, are based on a system that allows radiological imaging (heart cut) of an extremely fast (less than 10 seconds) and noninvasive. The patient receives an injection of dye into a peripheral vein (ar ) , without introducing catheters into the body.

The study of this technology allows a detailed analysis of coronary lesions , the degree of calcification of the same , and even the analysis of the state of the bypass or stens in patients who have previously undergone coronary cardiac surgery.


It just has to come fast (not eat anything for 6 hours prior to performing the test ) and drink plenty of fluids (a couple of liters of water minimum).