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Osteoarticular Regenerative Therapies Unit

Regenerative Therapies play a fundamental role in the treatment of injuries and degenerative processes of the locomotor system.

Regenerative therapies are biological treatments that, when injected in a minimally invasive way, allow the repair and / or improvement of certain pathologies of the locomotor system. In recent years, its effectiveness in the clinical improvement of certain problems has been evidenced.

Creu Blanca is positioned as a benchmark in this type of therapy, with a wide offer and from the hand of the best professionals.

Typology of regenerative therapies that we perform

  1. Viscosupplementation or hyaluronic acid treatments: They can be carried out through infiltrations in joints or tissues.

  2. Treatment of PRP or platelet factors: The platelet components contain factors that stimulate the regeneration of tissues and joints. Platelet factor or PRP therapies are performed with a blood draw that is processed to separate the part of platelets that contain regenerative factors. The treatment is carried out through infiltrations in the affected area.

  3. Multipotential stem cells: they are cells capable of transforming into other cells. To repair the injury. They can be removed from the iliac crest through bone puncture or from the subcutaneous tissue through limited liposuction.

Problems or injuries that can be treated with regenerative therapies

  1. Chronic tendinopathies or tendonitis such as epicondylitis, Achilles tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis
  2. Chronic muscle injuries
  3. Tendon rupture. The application of infiltrations with platelet factors can promote the regeneration of the rupture.
  4. Cartilage injuries or chondropathies. Improvements are achieved in certain pathologies such as osteoarthritis.
  5. Bone injuries. They can be treated with growth factors or stem cell treatments, with the aim of regenerating the bone.

Forms and methods of treatment with regenerative biological therapies

  1. Infiltrations of visco supplements or hyaluronic acid. They are highly effective in processes such as chondropathy or tendinopathies. Infiltrations in the affected area or joint provide a great improvement.
  2. PRP or platelet factor infiltrations. They initially require a blood draw to carry out the processing and separation of the part that contains platelets and platelet factors, which can be applied later by means of an infiltration or directly in a surgical procedure.
  3. Stem cell treatment. It initially requires an extraction of stem cells, which can be extracted from bone marrow or fatty tissue.

Center where it takes place

Creu Blanca Clinic, Tlf. 932 522 522

The team

Dr. Manel Ballester Alomar Head of the Osteoarticular Regenerative Therapies Unit

Dr. Raúl Plaza García Osteoarticular Regenerative Therapies Specialist

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