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CT Cardiac Screening

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Cardiac CT is a simple explanation that only requires the patient to go fasting. "The test itself does not last more than 20 seconds. The patient remains at rest on a stretcher instrumented with various sensors while the computer is taking pictures that will later be digitally reconstructed. The administration of intravenous contrast allows us to get a picture of with all his heart coronary vascular anatomy and structure, "explains Dr. Guillem Pons, head of the Cardiac Imaging Unit.

"Thanks to the accuracy of scanners like we have, the Aquilion Vision is absolutely possible to draw a detailed map and 4 dimensions of our heart in a single heartbeat. We can visualize the arteries of the heart and detect the slightest injury. If the exploration concludes with a satisfactory result, we can ensure that within 3 to 5-year risk of suffering a heart attack is minimal, "qualifies Dr. Xavier Alomar, head of the Unit of Radiology.

Who should attend the review?

Cardiac CT screening is aimed at people aged 35 years, asymptomatic, meaning they have no signs of discomfort or who may have heart problems, but who want to prevent a possible attack

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