Fibroscan and Esteatoscan

Fibroscan and Esteatoscan

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Fibroscan and Esteatoscan

Description of Fibroscan

This technique is used to assess the degree of liver fibrosis noninvasively. Hardness determines the degree of liver fibrosis: If you are soft his condition is normal, if there is hard fibrosis. The alternative to this test is liver biopsy of the patient behaves and sedation, in addition to the side effects of all invasive test. Another disadvantage of the biopsy is that only scratches the surface portion of the tissue, while the FibroScan allows a much broader sweep and therefore its reliability is higher. Thanks to this technique that lasts only 10 minutes, you can anticipate the occurrence of various complications as well as monitoring and evaluation of the damage caused by liver disease such as cirrhosis.

Description EsteatoScan (CAP TM)

This technique allows to see the fat accumulated in the liver (steatosis). Overweight and high cholesterol patients should undergo this painless technique, and that eventually, the accumulation of fat may involve destruction of liver cirrhosis and liver.


  • The patient lies on the table with your right arm behind his head.

  • Medical ultrasound gel is applied in the right rib area

  • Apply the probe set on the skin

  • The patient feels a slight vibration in the chosen point of contact of the probe on the skin of the apparatus.


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