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Clinical Rehabilitation

Who is the Clinical Rehabilitation for?

  1. Post-surgical patients who need a quick mobilization of the anatomical structures that have been compromised by the same surgery.
  2. Patients with long periods of bedding regardless of the etiology of the underlying disease.

The focus of Rehabilitation during Hospitalization is

1. Decrease complications

  • at the muscular level - contractures
  • at the dermal level - ulcers
  • at the articular level - stiffness and / or motor disturbances
  • at the lung level

2. Accelerate the recovery process

What tools does the unit have?

  • Passive mobility mechanisms (arthromotors)
  • English walking sticks
  • Walkers
  • Orthosis

Being basic and indispensable the role of the physical therapist as the main means of service. Human contact remarkably helps to achieve goals and stimulates the patient to achieve them in the shortest amount of time.


  1. Kinesitherapy
  2. Electrotherapy
  3. Massage
  4. Mechanotherapy
  5. Thermotherapy
  6. Cryotherapy
  7. Bandages
  8. Assisted passive mobilizations
  9. Locomotive and / or respiratory reeducation.

Advantages of the Clinical Rehabilitation

'image' 1. Achieve the protocol goals of surgery in the least traumatic and fastest way possible.

'image' 2. Accelerate the rehabilitation process.

'image' 3. Manage to integrate the patient in the best possible way into their daily life.

A differential feature of Creu Blanca regarding to Clinical Rehabilitation

Although there are post-surgical action protocols, this type of rehabilitation is individual and personified. We depend on the specific needs of each patient.

Therefore, maximum individualization and adaptation to each patient and circumstances.

Our Clinical Rehabilitator


Germán Muñoz Cacho Head of Physiotherapy