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Dieting is much more to lose those extra kilos: You learn healthy eating patterns and improve lifestyle.

In Creu Blanca we can help in a serious and rigorous manner, without jeopardizing their health.salud.

Nutrition to weight loss

Relax in the hands of professionals to get feel good both outside and inside.

If you want to get in shape for the summer, check with our ** Diet and Nutrition ** team. They will help you design the most appropriate diets for your needs. They will propose a nutritional plan that can be carried out in the long term, avoiding the odious rebound effect.

No hypocaloric diets or miracle diets that harm your health. Our team of nutritionists advocates for education in food, for the introduction of new healthy lifestyles, for varied and healthy eating.

If we want to lose weight we have to change our habits and even if it means to take an effort!

Our specialists will help you along the long road and will be with you controlling your health at all times.

Remember that losing weight doesn't mean to hungry but eating well.

We help out with it.


Nutrition for athletes

Sports nutrition is a branch of human nutrition that has to be understood with the objective of establishing balanced eating patterns adapted to the needs of the athlete, which is not methodologically related to the nutrition of patients in any pathology. There are obvious differences that make the nutritional approach different from that applied to the general population.

One of these differences is the relation weight / height and fat mass / lean mass, which causes that the measures applied have to be more precise, since it is essential when evaluating and making comparisons with both ideal parameters and with themselves over time and under nutritional intervention and specific training.

In addition, sports nutrition has been recognized as training support and as a driver of faster and more correct recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to become aware of a correct diet as an essential condition to be able to perform a physical exercise in good conditions, and consequently, to acquire an optimal performance of the sport.

Approach for athletes

The approach for athletes is to offer nutritional advice to various profiles:

  • To those young athletes who would like to make a change of physical constitution.
  • To those athletes who require a supervision of their diet and a program to improve their performance and health.
  • To those athletes who have already acquired the necessary physical constitution for their sport and for the maintenance of it, with an optimal state of the organism or in the case of need of a redirection or changes in the nutritional intervention.

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Full assessment of the individual's nutritional status

Knowing the athlete's nutritional situation is essential for various nutritional and training interventions.

To carry out the complete assessment of the athlete's nutritional status, the following parameters will be taken into account:

  • _ Anthropometry: _ evaluation of body composition and pathophysiological situation.
  • _ Recent analysis: _ hematology and biochemistry to know the metabolic state.
  • _Clinical history: _ assessment of specific nutrient deficiencies and interaction between disease vs. drugs vs. nutrients.
  • _ Psychosocial report: _ evaluation of environmental, social, economic, educational factors in coexistence with eating habits.

Assessment and approach of nutritional intervention

In order to correctly assess the most appropriate nutritional intervention, a relevant information sheet of the athlete will be necessary with 2 points to highlight:

  • _Training: _ type, sport category, anthropometric measurements, basic typified.
  • _ Athlete's goal: _ to gain weight, decrease weight, increase muscle mass ...

Subsequent nutritional assessment

After the implementation of the nutritional plan, the athlete's nutritional status is monitored with various interventions as needed:

  • Assessment of adaptation to the nutritional plan.
  • Assessment of changes in the nutritional plan.
  • Introduction of sports nutritional supplements.
  • Adaptation to new situations and change schedule.
  • Nutrition education and recommendations.
  • Control of physiological, morphological changes

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