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Diagnostic tests in the operating room

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Diagnostic tests in the operating room


Invasive tests that require sedation-anaesthesia (biopsies, colonoscopies, gastroscopies ...)

Your doctor has already informed you about the procedure, the risks and possible alternatives, answering any questions about these aspects. Please follow the detailed recommendations below:

Previous Information

  • Place: Av.. Foix 63, Surgical Admissions (Admisiones Quirúrgicas)
  • Time: You should arrive 30 minutes before the operating room time
  • Duration of the procedure: Approximatelyy 2 hours
  • Company: Please make sure to come accompanied by a companion
  • Additional data: Please remember to bring the preoperative analysis or coagulation tests

Medical instructions

  • Do not consume liquids and solids for 6 hours prior to the procedure
  • If you take medication, please seek advice from your doctor about how to proceed
  • Please remove all metal containing objects including (Chains, Jewellery, Watches or Piercings) and Nail Polish prior to entering the operating room
  • All prostheses including (Contact Lenses and False Teeth) must be removed, or if not possible please inform us
  • On the day of the procedure, please shower or wash your whole body. Please do not use lotions or makeup
  • If you have a Fever, Sore Throat, Tooth Problems or any sign of an infection on the day or 3 days prior to the procedure, please contact us immediately and inform us of your condition.

We remind that, to accomplish the security measures, the face mask is required in the Hospital. In addition, hand sanitization recommendation and security distances should be obeyed whenever possible. To avoid crowds, only one companion per patient is allowed.