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Follow the recommendations of our medical team and come prepared for your hysterosalpingography.

You can download the preparation in this link


Necessary medications

If you have to have a hysterosalpingogram, the following medication will be necessary:


Fisionema Cassen 250 cc.

Augmentin 875 mg (tablets)

Klacid 500 mg (only allergic to penicillin)



Prepare for your hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

You should start preparing your body for the test between 7 and 10 days after the start of your period:


Sexual relations: you should not have sexual relations during the 10 days following the start of menstruation.

3 hours before the test: administer a 250 cc Fisionema Cassen to come with clean intestines and take 1 tablet of Augmentin 875 mg or 1 tablet of Klacid 500 mg (allergic to penicillin) and a second 8 hours after the first.