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Follow the recommendations of our medical team and come prepared for your inpatient surgery.

You can download the instructions in this link


About your intervention with income

Inpatient surgical interventions are operations that, once completed, require the patient to stay in hospital for one or more days. This type of surgery requires sedation or anaesthesia and is used in the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of conditions and pathologies.


Important information you should know before coming for your surgery.


Where is it performed? At our Clínica Creu Blanca, Av. Foix 63, operating theatre reception.

When should I come? We will be waiting for you 1 hour before your surgery in the operating theatre.

How long will the hospitalization last? You will be admitted after the intervention until your recovery.

Do I have to be accompanied? Yes, you must come with a companion.

Can the accompanying person stay overnight? Yes, you must request this in advance.

Do I need to bring any documentation? Yes, don’t forget your pre-operative analysis.


Medical indications

Keep our instructions in mind and remember:


Fasting? You must be fasting from liquids and solids for a minimum of 6 hours.

Medication? If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor before the procedure.

Piercings and jewellery? You must come to the operating theatre without metallic elements.

Nail polish? Nail polish must be removed before entering the operating theatre.

Prostheses? Remove or warn staff of the use of contact lenses, dentures, etc. and other types of prostheses.

Shower and cleanliness? You should come to the operation freshly showered and with your whole body washed, without moisturising creams or make-up.

Hair in the area of the operation? You should shave or depilate the area of the operation with a suitable cream.

Fever or discomfort the days before? If on the day of the operation, or the days prior to it, you have a fever, sore throat, dental problems or signs of infection, you must inform us of this.

Orthopaedic material? You can bring or buy any orthopaedic material (crutches, girdles, surgical shoes, etc.) that you may need after the orthopaedic operation.

Mask? You must bring a mask, complying with safety measures. In addition, you should clean your hands properly and keep a safe distance whenever possible.

Accompanying person? You should only bring one companion to avoid crowds.