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What does it consist of?

First, we will proceed to the administration of intravenous contrast. From this moment on, you must remain at rest for approximately one hour so that the contrast is distributed throughout the body evenly. Subsequently, a radiologist technician will accommodate you on the SPECT-CT stretcher to perform the test. You should remain still and stretched out on your back with your head resting on a cushion. Next, the stretcher will move until the area to be studied is in the center of the SPECT-CT equipment. The two cameras that confirm the SPECT-CT will slowly rotate around your body to capture images.


Who is it for?

The indications for performing SPECT-CT would be multiple, but they are particularly useful in the diagnosis of bone diseases.

  • When there is a previous surgery or an infectious bone process (osteomyelitis) of the small bones of the hands and feet.
  • Given the existence of possible pathologies of the spine or jaw (hyperplasia of the condyle).
  • In the identification and localization of hyperfunctionality of the parathyroid glands (adenoma/hyperplasia), especially in those that are not in their usual place, since correct location facilitates their subsequent surgical removal.
  • In the exact identification of the sentinel node in patients with breast cancer, in melanoma and, especially, in head and neck tumors due to their anatomical complexity.
  • In the detection of diseases of the abdominal cavity, such as the identification of accessory spleens or remains of a splenic rupture, infectious and tumor processes.


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