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PET-CT, the most effective technique for cancer diagnosis

Carles Lorenzo Bosquet
Nuclear medicine examinations: PET/CT
Francisco Porta Biosca
Head of the Nuclear Medicine Unit: scintigraphy, cardiac SPECTS…
16 Feb 2023
2 Min

At CreuBlanca, specialists in image diagnostics and medical consultations, we have highly qualified professionals and the most advanced technology for the early detection of tumor lesions through a care model focused on the comprehensive care of cancer patients.

PET-CT, the most effective technique for cancer diagnosis

At CreuBlanca we understand that early diagnosis is key, along with individualized treatment, to deal with cancer. In recent years, the incorporation of the PET-CT scan has represented a great advance in the detection and monitoring of oncological processes, allowing early localization and labeling of small tumor lesions, before other techniques and with a minimal margin of error in the diagnosis.

As its name suggests, PET-CT is a hybrid diagnostic imaging technique that fuses anatomical CT (computed tomography) images with metabolic images obtained by PET (positron emission tomography). The combination of both techniques makes it possible to locate cancerous lesions in very early stages and with greater reliability compared to other techniques.

Maximum precision and image quality in obtaining results

The PET-CT scan is painless and minimally invasive. For its implementation, the administration of a radiopharmaceutical called fluorodeoxyglucose F-18 or FDG is necessary. It is a molecule similar to glucose that allows us to know the metabolic activity of tumor cells. Cancer cells are more active than healthy cells, so they consume more glucose. In the images of the *PET-CT this is reflected in the following way: areas of “greater fixation, more active, hot, which shine in the case of aggressive tumor processes (cancer) and areas of “no uptake” in the case of tumors of benign origin.

Advantages of PET-CT compared to other techniques

PET-CT is an advanced diagnostic imaging technique for the control of cancerous lesions in their different phases. Unlike other tests, the PET-CT not only helps to confirm or rule out the diagnosis of cancer early, but also makes it possible to obtain a precise study of the extent of the tumors and to know at what stage they are. All this facilitates the choice of the most suitable treatment for each case, since it is carried out in a more focused way and with the least possible complications for the patient.

In the case of patients who require oncological treatment, the PET-CT helps to evaluate the response of the same and check its effectiveness. On the other hand, this test is also very useful to check if the tumor has been completely removed or if there are any remains after surgery. In short, it helps to carry out adequate follow-up of the oncological disease.

State-of-the-art equipment and first-class specialists

As for technology, CreuBlanca has an excellent state-of-the-art hybrid PET-TC equipment, a pioneer in its technical specifications, allowing all kinds of oncological tests to be carried out, among other specialties, incorporating the new specific radiotracers used in Nuclear Medicine . In addition, among the main advantages of CreuBlanca’s PET-TC equipment is the opportunity to obtain an image of the entire body, from head to toe, in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, the Nuclear Medicine Area of CreuBlanca is equipped with a multidisciplinary team of top-level specialists who work in a coordinated manner with professionals from each of the various medical specialties that participate in the process of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of multiple pathologies.