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Inicio | Blog | Private Medical Care and mutual insurance companies in CreuBlanca: A Comprehensive Alternative for your Health

Private Medical Care and mutual insurance companies in CreuBlanca: A Comprehensive Alternative for your Health

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16 May 2024
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In Spain, where the health system offers universal coverage but faces challenges such as long waiting lists and resource limitations, private medical care emerges as an alternative for those looking for a faster, more personalized service with a wide range of specialties. and treatments.

Advantages of Private Medical Care

When considering private practice, it is crucial to understand the benefits and associated costs. In medical centers like CreuBlanca, personalized and high-quality care is prioritized, complementing the public health system.

Quick Access to Specialists

Patients can benefit from rapid access to specialists, avoiding long waiting lists and obtaining specialized medical evaluations in a timely manner for early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Flexibility in Schedules and Appointments

Additionally, flexibility in times and appointments allows patients to schedule consultations that fit their needs.

Financial Considerations

Choosing private healthcare also involves financial considerations. While private services may have higher rates than public services, these additional costs may reflect higher quality and faster, more personalized care.

Healthcare Costs in the Private Sector

It is essential to explore the type of health insurance to determine what services are covered and to what extent, which can make private care more affordable for patients.

Mutual Insurance and their Coverage in CreuBlanca

At CreuBlanca, a wide range of medical services is offered through an extensive network of mutual and private health insurance companies, thus guaranteeing broad and diversified health coverage.

Services Offered by Mutual Insurance Companies

From the CreuBlanca website, we provide a search engine where you can do a search, either according to your needs or choose from the variety of specialties performed in our hospitals. In addition, you will be able to see the file of each mutual, which includes the type of visits that are made, the centers where each mutual is associated, as well as the explorations they allow with each of them.

CreuBlanca Specialties

At CreuBlanca, we extend our offering beyond medical and surgical specialties, including a variety of advanced diagnostic tests, complete check-up programs and medical reviews, as well as specialized units dedicated to the treatment of specific conditions.

Specialized Units

Another of the outstanding services of CreuBlanca are the specialized units, with attention to pathologies of the spine, heart pathologies or pathologies of the foot and ankle, among others.

In summary, both private medical care in CreuBlanca and the coverage offered by mutual insurance companies provide a comprehensive and complete alternative for those seeking quality medical care in Spain. With patient-centered care and a wide range of services available, CreuBlanca is positioned as a leader in the field of private medicine in the country.