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Inicio | Blog | Renal Lithiasis Treatment, with Dr. Adrià Piñero

Renal Lithiasis Treatment, with Dr. Adrià Piñero

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Adrià Piñero Zomeño
Urology and andrology consultations, Urological check-ups. Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones.
07 Jun 2024
1 Min
The expert's voice

The treatment of kidney stones depends on the type of stone, its size and location. In cases where the stones cannot be expelled on their own, surgery is required to remove them. One of the procedures we perform at CreuBlanca to treat renal lithiasis and other urinary tract conditions is Ureterorenoscopy.

Dr. Adrià Piñero, specialist in the CreuBlanca Urology Unit, helps you understand, step by step, what this treatment consists on and its benefits for the patient’s quality of life.


Renal Lithiasis