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What does it consist of?

The test consists of several parts. First, the patient must urinate into a container called a flowmeter, which measures the amount and rate of urine. Then, with the help of a small probe, the remaining urine is emptied, which we call the “residue”. Next, another small-caliber probe is placed with which we fill the bladder and with electrodes we record the pressures that occur inside the bladder in both the filling and emptying phases. Finally, the patient must urinate with the catheter in place, which we will then remove, and in some cases we insert a last catheter to check the residue again.


Who is it for?

The performance of urodynamics or urodynamic study is usually prescribed to:

  • Patients with urination problems.
  • Person with urinary incontinence.
  • Patients with repeated urinary tract infections.
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