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Scoliogram and Telemetry

What does it consist of?

The scoliogram and telemetry are X-rays that allow visualization of the spine and lower extremities (from the pelvis to the ankle) in a single radiographic image.


Both tests provide information on the severity of the deviation of the spine, being able to differentiate between deforming scoliosis or a compensation curvature, as well as detect discrepancies, that is, alterations in the length of the lower extremities, either due to excess (hypermetry). or default (hypometry).


The test is performed standing up with the back resting against a wall. You must remove your clothing and any metallic object, and put on a gown that our radiology technical team will provide you.


To whom?

  • Children and adolescents of growing age, who require periodic control to prevent or evaluate the evolution of pathologies that affect the spine, such as scoliosis.
  • Patients, especially women, who present a pronounced curvature, deviations and back discomfort.
  • People with discomfort in the lumbar spine, pelvis, knees and ankles, among other signs that could indicate the presence of a discrepancy in the lower extremities.

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