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The exploration

What does it consist of?

As in a usual MR examination, the patient is positioned on the table of the apparatus in the supine position. The DynaWell® vest is placed on the patient’s shoulders and upper chest. Using straps, the vest is adjusted to the patient’s chest and their feet are placed on the platform of the compression device. Two adjustable straps on both sides of the vest attach the vest to the compression device. Using two potentiometers, these last two straps are tightened by applying a desired load (up to 50% of body weight), compressing the spine in a similar way to that of the vertical posture.


In this way, in patients subjected to the DynaWell® compression device, the pressure is distributed to the chest, without overloading the shoulders. The DynaWell® Compression Device is easy to use and provides a solution to the widely recognized need to simulate upright posture and its effects on the lumbosacral spine.

Cases in which it is recommended

This test is especially indicated for people who present pathologies of the lumbosacral spine (canal stenosis, sciatica, herniated disc, interapophyseal osteoarthritis, synovial cysts), as well as hip, knee and ankle pathologies. Through this technique, the doctor confirms the diagnosis of the disease, monitors it and evaluates the response to certain treatments.


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