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Cardiac MRI

What does it consist of?

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance can be considered a comprehensive study technique of the heart, however, there are different modalities of cardiac MRI, each with a different objective in terms of the type of information to be obtained.


At CreuBlanca we perform the following cardiac magnetic resonance modalities:


  • Functional cardiac MRI: basic module for the study of the physiology and activity of the heart. It evaluates the dimensions of the cavities, the thickness of the walls, the left ventricular mass and the functionality of the two ventricles, right and left.
  • Cardiac stress MRI with adenosine (RCME): evaluates the condition of the coronary arteries and checks for signs of cardiac ischemia, that is, about the accumulation of plaque in the arteries of the heart that prevents the heart from receiving enough blood rich in oxygen.
  • Functional cardiac MRI plus viability: evaluates myocardial viability in patients who have suffered an acute myocardial infarction. Through the injection of intravenous contrast (gadolinium) it is possible to observe which areas of the cardiac muscle present a partial or global dysfunction.

Who is it for?

Cardiac MRI can contribute to:


  • Prevent future heart disease.
  • Diagnose coronary pathologies in initial stages.
  • Assess the extent of cardiac damage caused by a heart attack, being a great instrument to be able to apply the appropriate treatment.

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