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Bilateral Mammography

What does it consist of?

Bilateral mammography allows breast tissues to be scanned for abnormal tissues, calcifications and any suspicious signs, and is the most useful tool for early prevention of breast cancer. However, mammography alone is not enough to determine the malignancy of a lesion, so additional tests, such as biopsy, will always be necessary to help confirm the suspicions found in mammography.

Cases in which it is recommended

Who is it for?

There is no specific age or time to start getting mammograms. This is something that your doctor will determine, as well as the frequency of performance appropriate for you, according to your risk factors.


In general, it’s time to start screening mammograms when:

  • There is an average risk of breast cancer: Most women start having annual mammograms starting at age 40.
  • There is a risk of breast neoplasia due to family history, with altered BRCA genes or with very dense breasts.

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