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Multiparametric bladder MRI

What does it consist of?

The test is performed for the complete study of the bladder, mainly tumors. A tumor that does not invade the detrusor muscle (smooth muscle that is part of the wall of the urinary bladder) can be treated with conservative treatment, while a tumor that invades the muscle must be treated with cystectomy (the total or partial surgical removal of the urinary bladder).


First of all they will administer a contrast to mark the area to study. Afterwards you should be stretched for 40-45 minutes in the resonance remaining as calm as possible throughout the scan.

Cases in which it is recommended

Who is it for?

Bladder multiparameter magnetic resonance imaging has multiple uses, including:

  • Follow-up of patients at high risk of cancer in some of the bladder organs.
  • When the rest of the tests (biopsy) do not give an accurate diagnosis.
  • Determination of the extent of bladder cancer.
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