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Cardiac Holter and TSA

What does it consist of?

A blood pressure holter (or also called ABPM) is a diagnostic test that consists of recording blood pressure for 24 hours. It is done by placing a blood pressure measurement cuff, which is connected to a portable receiver and in which said BP measurements are recorded. during this 24 hour period.


The cardiac holter or ECG Holter, is the electrocardiographic recording for 24 hours that is carried out by placing electrodes on the chest wall, and connected to a portable receiver for 24 hours, in which the 24-hour cardiac activity is recorded. Its objective is the study of heart rhythm disorders that are not seen on an electrocardiogram (ECG).


Who is it for?

The cardiac holter is used for the study of patients with dizziness, palpitations, loss of consciousness or syncope of unknown origin. This device allows the doctor to diagnose if the cause of these unexplained syncopes is related to a malfunction of the heart.


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