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New Scientific Study on Aerotoxic Syndrome

Monday, 22 March, 2021 Comments

El Dr. Jordi Roig, pulmonologist from Clínica CreuBlanca Barcelona, with doctors Christian Domingo, Jonathan Burdon y Susan Michaelis, have studied and published in the journal LUNG, a scientific study on the aerotoxito syndrome.

The basis of the study has focused on lung diseases induced by inhaled irritants.


  • Purpose: Case series on respiratory features of Aerotoxic Syndrome (AS). The term AS has been coined to describe the spectrum of clinical manifestations after aircraft fume events. Among these manifestations, neurological and respiratory symptoms are the most frequently reported complaints.
  • Methods: Three cases of AS with relevant respiratory features are presented.
  • Results: Cough and shortness of breath for 6 to12 months were the predominant symptoms in the frst two cases. The frst case also developed neurological symptoms afecting his central nervous system. In the third case, the patient complained for nine years about an unbearable cough triggered by odors, smells, and a variety of indoor and outdoor irritants, among other symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity. In all three cases, the respiratory symptoms resolved after appropriate treatment.
  • Conclusion: Our report aims at raising awareness on AS and calls for actions to improve the management of patients sufering from this syndrome.

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