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Tips to take care of your skin in summer

Mª Dolores Iñiguez Navarro
Dermatology consultations
13 Jun 2023
1 Min
Health tips
  • Summer is synonymous with sun, beach, pool, outdoor activities and lighter clothing, which also translates into longer sun exposure. For this reason, and so that summer does not take its toll on your skin, we share a series of healthy habits to protect your skin during the summer season.


The skin has memory. How many times have you heard this phrase? Taking care of our dermis, especially during the summer months, is essential to prevent the accumulation of injuries throughout our lives. When there comes a point where the skin does not have the capacity to resolve these alterations, that is when skin diseases and lesions appear, such as skin cancer.

Below, Dr. Iñiguez, a specialist at the CreuBlanca Dermatology Unit, gives you the keys to properly care for and protect your skin during the summer:

  • Use a sunscreen suitable for your skin type, preferably an SPF of 50.
  • Apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Do not forget about the lips, ears and scalp.
  • Apply sunscreen every 2 hours and after bathing.
  • Apply it abundantly and evenly.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in the central hours of the day.
  • Avoid wearing perfume if you are going to be exposed to the sun. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 l. of water per day.
  • Dress lightly and use moisturizer.
  • Use fabrics of natural fibers and cotton.
  • Pay attention to the appearance of new moles.
  • Check yourself if an existing mole has undergone alterations.


The best prevention is responsible sun exposure. At the CreuBlanca Dermatology Unit we have a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals in early diagnosis and personalized treatment of multiple dermatological pathologies. We have the most advanced techniques for performing dermatological check-ups aimed at the prevention and early detection of melanoma, among other skin pathologies associated with skin cancer.