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Who is it for?

The Full Body Gold examination is strongly recommended for people who present risk factors for the development of chronic or oncological pathologies associated with their family history, age, lifestyle and medical history.

Medical consultation. Coordination, follow-up, delivery of results and monitoring
Exhaustive medical examination
Blood and urine tests: including insulin function, hepatitis study, tumour markers (CEA [generic marker], CA-19.9 [gastrointestinal marker] and PSA [prostate marker] in men and CA-125 [ovarian cancer marker] in women)
Food sensitivity test
Full cardiological examination
Abdominal ultrasound
Cranial MRI
Fibroscan and steatoscan
Cardiac eco-Doppler
Men: Urological check-up: visit, flowmetry, urodynamics (if it's necessary)
Women: Gynaecological check-up: visit, cytology, transvaginal ultrasound, mammography
Full body multi-detector diagnostics, head to ankle scan
Full neurological CT
Abdominal CT and thoracic CT
Vascular CT screening
Cardiac DMD
Virtual colonoscopy