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What does it consist of?

The CT scan of the abdomen allows us to examine the set of organs (such as the pancreas, intestines, stomach, kidneys, among others), bones (the costal edge or the xiphoid process) and tissues or muscles (such as the obliques and transversus abdominis), among other things. zones.   This CT can detect bone trauma, abdominal pain or intestinal bleeding.

Preparation for the test


  • Fasting: It is not necessary that you go fasting.
  • Contrast management: Contrast will be administered to better define the images.
  • Hydration: It is recommended that you come to the test well hydrated, having drunk at least one liter of water during the ten hours prior to the study. This makes it easier to remove the contrast from the body.
  • Metallic objects: The technician will give you the necessary instructions, provide you with a gown, and ask you to remove any metallic objects (jewelry, watches, piercings, hairpins, mobile phones, dental prostheses, and hearing aids).
  • Cardiac devices: It is important that you inform the technician about any device that you have implanted in your body (pacemakers, electrodes and clips from previous surgeries).

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